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Date: September 16, 2022
Time: Start at 8:30 am 
Where: Pavillon de recherche appliquée sur le cancer (PRAC)

Fundraising goal: $50,000


Over the years, the Cancer Research Society’s Annual Classic has become one of the most noteworthy benefit events of its kind in Quebec. In 2016, this important fundraising event renewed itself by adding a cycling component to the activity which year after year continues to grow in popularity.

Since 2019, the Society has been pleased to welcome the Cyclo-Sherbrooke in addition to its Annual Classic, and more particularly since last year, the creation of the Institut de recherche sur le cancer de l'université de Sherbrooke (IRCUS). To continue to help this new institute get off to a great start, the Society is proud to co-sponsor the Cyclo-Walk Sherbrooke with IRCUS. The funds raised will be shared between the two entities.

Join the Cyclo-Walk Sherbrooke Classic team and ride or walk with them to support a great cause; Together we can do it!Together we can do it!

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