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Hiking through Cambodia and its temples


March 3 to 14, 2024

Duration of the trip

12 days

Level of difficulty


Plunge into the heart of the tropical forests of Cambodia in this 12-day challenge, and discover the splendors of its 12th century temples. Through your journey, you will see not only the temples of Roluos, Preah Khan, Tanei, Ta Phrom, and the infamous Angko Wat temple, often spoken of as the most famous archeological site inthe world. Then leave the forests on to the summit of Phnom Kulen, the sacred mountain of the Khmers where, as you then afterwards descend, you will bathe in natural falls of incomparable beauty. Along the way, discover villages built on stilts along the Siem Réap river where villagers greet you with smiling glee. Your Cambodia challenge will be filled with exotic sights and breathtaking scenery.


  • Day 1 & 2, March 3-4: MONTREAL - SIEM REAP : Meetings of participants at Montreal-Trudeau Airport and takeoff to Siem Reap with connections. Meal and night on the plane
  • Day 3, March 5: SIEM REAP : Upon your arrival in Siem Reap, welcome by your local French guide and transfer to your hotel for the night. 3 * hotel accommodation in Siem Reap. Dinner included (according to air schedules)
  • Day 4, March 6: SIEM REAP : Lunch at your hotel in Siem Reap and departure for a very nice walk along the Siem Reap River in the shade of coconut palms and palm trees, crossing the most rural part of the city. Discover the markets and visit the Wat Bo pagoda, famous for its murals. With your guide you will pick up your Angkor Pass to be ready for the next day! Lunch and dinner in town at a local restaurant. Hotel accommodation Distance: 15-20 km. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner included
  • Day 5, March 7: SIEM REAP - ANGKOR - SIEM REAP : After having lunch at your hotel, you will start the trek from Siem Reap towards Angkor through the forest. You will follow the temple of Angkor Wat before joining, between village and forest, Angkor Thom. Walk on the Angkor Thom wall to join Bayon. After dinner, you will head towards the North Gate to reach the Preah Khan Temple (south). You will end this day through the forest of Angkor Park and discover the temple of Tanei and Ta Phrom. Distance: 15km / Duration: 5h walk. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
  • Day 6, March 8: SIEM REAP - CHAO SREI VIBOL - KAMPONG PHLUK - ROLUOS, HIKING BETWEEN VILLAGES AND TEMPLES : Lunch at your hotel and start the hike through the Cambodian countryside to the temples of Roluos. You will reach the small temple lost in the countryside of Chao Srei Vibol, placed on the old royal road. Visit the site then walk to Tonle Sap Lake and the pilottis village of Kampong Phluk. Walk in the village and transfer to your hosts for the night. Dinner and overnight at the inhabitant. Distance: 20-25km / Duration: 6h walk. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
  • Day 7, March 9: ROLOUS - PHNOM KULEN : Lunch at the inhabitant. Transfer by minibus to the pilgrims' way for the climb to the top of Phnom Kulen, the sacred mountain of the Khmers and "quarry" which provided in stones the temples of Angkor. This region was recently opened by archaeologists. The walk is pleasant in the forest, shaded, and ends with a swim in the waterfalls that run down the hills of the forest. In the afternoon, continue walking towards the Srah Dumrei site and the village. Overnight homestay at the top of the mountain. Distance: 15km / Duration: 4h-5h walk, Altitude : + 300m. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
  • Day 8, March 10: PHNOM KULEN, A DAY IN THE HEART OF THE VILLAGES : Lunch at your guests' home then walk to another village in Kulen to meet the artisans. You will go to meet the farmers to discover their daily life, their work. This day remains above all a discovery of the way of life, social projects implemented on the Kulen and a great opportunity to meet people. After dinner, you join a small pagoda and the waterfall near the village. Return to your hosts via the site of Prasat Kra Hom. Night at the inhabitant. Distance: 15km / Duration: 4h-5h walk. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
  • Day 9, March 11 PHNOM KULEN - BENG MEALEA- SIEM REAP : After lunch, you cross the village and hike through the countryside and cashew plantations. You join O'Thmor Dab before descending the sacred mountain of Phnom Kulen by another path towards Beng Mealea. Visit the temple then transfer by vehicle to reach Siem Reap. Night at the hotel. Distance: 15km / Duration: 4h walk, Altitude: -110 m and +/- 50m. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
  • Day 10, March 12: SIEM REAP - ANGKOR - SIEM REAP : Lunch at your hotel and departure along the Siem Reap River to reach the Angkor National Park and Srah Srang. After dinner, departure for Pre Rup and discovery of the pagoda of Preah Dach, a small village out of time in the heart of the temples. Walk along the Baray East embankment and transfer by vehicle to the temple of Angkor Wat and visit. Angkor Wat is one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the world, located in the tropical jungle. Distance: 15km / Duration: 5h walk. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
  • Day 11, March 13: SIEM REAP : Lunch at your hotel and transfer to Siem Reap airport for your return flight.
  • Day 12, March 14: MONTREAL : Arrival in Montreal.

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