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On the mythical GR20 trail


August 12 - 22, 2024

Duration of the trip

11 days

Level of difficulty


As soon as you arrive in Ajaccio, famed birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and capital of Corsica, your 11-day adventure begins. The Mediterranean charms of the city set the stage for a fantastic 108 km journey through the great hike trails of the GR 20. The pedestrian route is often touted as one of the most beautiful of the planet. This trip between sky, sea and mountains will allow you to observe varied panoramas that will confirm, at every turn, the well deserved name of beauty island given to Corsica. This intermediate challenge requires no special equipment. Good walking shoes and a taste for adventure will suffice for an unforgettable experience that will forever be engraved in memory.


  • Day 1, August 12: Montréal – Ajaccio, Corsica : Participants meet at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport in Montreal. Registration assistance followed by your flight to Ajaccio, Corsica. Dinner and breakfast served on overnight flight.
  • Day 2, August 13: Ajaccio : Arrival at the end of the day and transfer to your hotel. Accommodation at hotel. Dinner included
  • Day 3, August 14 - Col de Vizzavona at the heart of the mountain : After breakfast, meet up with your guide and transfer to the Col de Vizzavona, located at the centre of the island. Following the GR20 south, part of the famous path that crosses the whole island through the mountains, one of the most difficult hiking trails in Europe, the hike takes you through the Regional Natural Park of Corsica in the direction of Bocca Palmente. Accommodation at hotel. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Altitude: + 690m, -690m / Distance: 13 km / Duration : 6 hrs
  • Day 4, August, 15 - The GR20, Punta Muratello : Depart on the GR20 north, In the shade of the beech trees and Larici pines towards. In the shadow of the Vizzavona Pass, the route enters the Valley of Agnone. This hike is an opportunity to discover the specific nature of this region, its culture and history Your hike takes you to Punta Muratello, which rises to 2141 meters above sea level and offers magnificent views of Monte d'Oro. The return is by the same way. Hotel accommodation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Altitude: + 1200m, -1200m / Distance: 15 km / Duration : 7 hrs
  • Day 5, August 16: From Canaglia to Grotelle - Corte : You will have a transfer of 30 minutes to join the start of the hike. The itinerary takes the Mare a Mare Nord along the Manganellu valley to the Meli waterfall. There is the GR 20 Trek. The trail comes out of the forest, to cross abandoned grazing areas. Gradually the Laricio pines give way to the odorous alder and some areas of lawn. The atmosphere becomes very mineral when arriving at the shelter of Petra Piana. The route joins the ridge, stays on a level curve before tilting in the middle of the Restonica glacial valley, in the middle of the lakes. You will have 30 minutes of transfer to reach the historic capital "Corte". Hotel accommodation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Altitude : + 1450m, - 800m / Distance: 16 km / Duration: 9 hrs
  • Day 6, August 17: Lake Nino : You will reach the forest house of Poppaghja in the heart of the majestic forest of Valdu-Niellu. This will be the starting point of your hike. Going up the valley you can discover the sheepfolds of Colga before joining "the pass of the forge". You can then enjoy the view of the pozzine, the lake and in the background the high massif of Rotondo and Cintu. The return will be made by the GR20, following the ridge line. The nearby sea and the high valley of Niolu will be your companions to join the Vergio pass. Hotel accommodation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Altitude: + 850m, - 530m / Distance: 12 km / Duration: 6 hrs
  • Day 7, August 18: The glacier valley of Golo : Departing from the hotel, you will cross the forest which is clearing at the approach of the sheepfolds to make room for Laricci pines. It is a mineral universe that is offered to you. The GR20 sinks into this valley whose rocks testify to a past of glaciations. Going up the course of Golo, you will cross the traces of a long pastoral activity. Your goal of the day: the highest refuge of the GR, Ciottulu di Mori at 1900m. Hotel accommodation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Altitude gain: + 840m, -840m / Distance: 15 km / Duration: 6 hrs
  • Day 8, August 19: The Lost Pass : Transfer to the ski resort of Haut Asco. This will be the starting point of your hike in the footsteps of the old GR20, which will take you to Bocca Tumasginesca, the entrance to the mythical circus of solitude. To reach the latter, you will go up the caldera of Monte Cintu. The stones, witnesses of an intense volcanic past, will accompany you between the plantations of alders and mountain ash. Hotel accommodation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Altitude : + 750m, -750m / Distance: 8.5 Km / Duration: 6 hrs
  • Day 9, August 20: The Monte Cintu : Early morning departure this morning to attack the north face of Monte Cintu, the highest point of the island at 2706 meters above sea level, following the GR20. A very technical climb through the screes, slabs and boulders. At the end of the effort, the comfort of an iconic summit that offers beautiful views of the mountains of the island. Hotel accommodation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Altitude : + 1300m, -1300m / Distance: 11 Km / Duration: 9 hrs
  • Day 10, August 21: from Haut Asco to Bonifatu : From Ascu-Stagnu you have to climb in the morning to reach Bocca Di Stagnu at the foot of the Muvrella. The proximity of the sea announces the end of the GR20. At the level of the small lake of Muvrella the sight on the bay of Calvi is superb. Without doubt one of the most beautiful passages of the GR20. Shortly before the Carrozzu refuge, the crossing of the Spasimata footbridge will be the occasion to experience some chills. This descent on Bonifatu overlooking the stream of Spasimata is very spectacular and quite trying. You will have a 30-minutes transfer to Calvi. Hotel accommodation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Altitude : + 650m, -1530m / Distance: 12 Km / Duration: 7 hrs
  • Day 11, August 22: Calvi in Montreal : Transfer to Calvi airport and fly to Montreal. Breakfast included

The CRS Challenge program is a series of fundraising travel campaigns to benefit the cancer research. Program participants have the opportunity to take on physically challenging expeditions, and in the process dig a little deeper into their own souls. The challenge for participants is twofold: (1) to push their physical limits; and (2) to raise substantial funds for cancer research.

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